Photos: Presidential hopeful Rubio woos crowd in Marshalltown with strong rhetoric

By Zach Barnett

Marshalltown, Iowa
Senator Marco Rubio Town Hall | Fischer Community Center
January 6th, 2016
(all photos are original iPhone photos and are nonprofit)


Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 10.40.16 PM.png“On my first day in office I am going to immediately repeal every single one of Barack Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders.”

flag.jpg“This race is a generational choice. A referendum on our identity as a nation and as a people.”


FullSizeRender-2.jpg“For 200 years, America has stood as an inspiration to the world and a place where millions of people, including my parents, came in search for a better life.”


hand.jpg“You hear these candidates saying we are going to carpet bomb ISIS. We are going to make the sand in the Middle East glow in the dark. With what? If you don’t have an air force and you don’t have bombs you can’t make anything glow in the dark.”


me.jpg“Anything that’s bad for my mom, I’m against.”

yell.jpg“In 2008, we unfortunately elected someone who wasn’t interested in fixing the problems in America. We elected as President someone who wanted to radically change America.”


Untitled-4.jpg“I want to know how Hillary Clinton is going to lecture me about people living paycheck to paycheck.”


upward.jpg“I am going to place my left hand on bible and my right hand in the air and I’m going to take the oath of office.”


me?.jpg“We have a president who views America not as the greatest nation or greatest power on earth but as an arrogant global power. A nation that needs to be humbled.”


question.jpg“Our economy is flat. The jobs that are being created do not pay enough. People are working harder than ever and are being left behind.”


pinch.jpg“We are getting rid of Obamacare and were putting you back in charge of your own healthcare.”


boots.jpg“It would be reckless not to fully utilize the oil, the clean coal, the natural gas that we’ve been blessed with. When I am president, we will fully utilize our energy resources.”


IMG_1262.JPG“We are a great country in decline. It does not need to be this way.”


vet.jpg“If you were a trucker in the military and you were hauling explosives on a dirt road in Afghanistan, I think you are qualified to haul eggs on the interstate highway system of the United States.”


crowd.jpg“And that’s what ISIS intends to do. This group is an apoplectic group. They believe there is going to be a showdown in a city named Dabiq – not Dubuque – Dabiq.”



“This is the greatest country in the history of the world. There has never been a country like America.”


ball.jpg“You have a president that views Americans with traditional values with great suspicion.”


back.jpg“This country owes me nothing. But I have a debt to America I will never fully repay.”