Cruz controlling on the Winterset Stage

By Zach Barnett

Winterset, Iowa
“Cruzin’ to the Caucus” | Ted Cruz Town Hall
January 4th, 2016
(all photos are original iPhone photos and are nonprofit)


“I believe the key to winning in 2016 is very simple. We have to bring back to polls the millions of conservatives who stayed home.”



mobile.jpg“We have to wake up and energize the body of Christ.”


button.jpg“Dr. Dobson you’re absolutely right. In the last presidential race, a majority of the evangelical Christians didn’t vote. 54 million evangelicals stayed home.”


book.jpg“We have a federal government that is advancing a secular agenda, that puts the ability of bible believing Christians to live our faith more and more at jeopardy and that is appeasing radical Islamic terrorism.” 


IMG_0842.JPG“Those decisions were fundamentally illegitimate, they were lawless, and they will not stand.” 


band.jpg“The persecution of religious liberty ends today.” 


hands.jpg“It was 1980. It was the Reagan Revolution – where millions of men and women rose up, and turned this country around.” 


stage 2.jpg“You’ve got to be willing to take on the Washington cartel.” 


IMG_0838.JPG“The budget is so bad that the pipes are leaking.”


stage 3.jpg“We are one justice away from a five justice ultra-left-wing majority that will tear down our constitutional liberties.” 


standing.jpg“Peace, that has been our prayer. For peace in the midst of the storm and the midst of the attack.”


IMG_0841.JPGNumber two – direct the Department of Justice to open an investigation on Planned Parenthood and these horrible videos.”


thumbss.jpg“To be honest she’s on the road, I don’t know where she is.” 


IMG_0839.JPG“So I intend to have, in the office of the president, what JFK used to refer to as vigor – in defending the constitution.”


fans.jpg“If Hillary Clinton is elected president, we will see the Supreme Court ordering ten commandments monuments to be torn down.”


praise.jpg“Well thank God they look like their mother. Truth that God is a benevolent god.” 


IMG_0840.JPG“You’ve got to pull back the corporate welfare, you’ve got to the poor, you got to reign in the spending,” 


crowdd.jpg“If there is one thing you need as president it is wisdom, and judgment, and discernment.”