Opinion: The Campaign Stores: Ranked

By Kaylyn Blosser

From guacamole bowls to cross-stitched pillows, campaign paraphernalia is a great way to see the personality behind the candidate.   Besides the standard t-shirts, campaign buttons, and lawn signs, some candidates get creative, and fun, with their campaign gear. Here is the top eight. Be warned – bad puns are all around.

8.  Jeb Bush

Jeb_Baseball Jeb seems to have lacked fire in his campaign recently, but all of his shirts say “Jeb!” so maybe you can start the fire of excitement for him. He also sells a $75 guacamole bowl for some reason that looks almost like a cauldron, so that’s cool.


7.  Donald Trump

The Donald’s store talks a lot about the silent majority. But for rallies, supporters can easily be heard with mini megaphones and spirit poms, and if they get thirsty, they can use the reusable Trump 2016 red solo cups.

6.  Bernie Sanders

Senator Sanders’ store seems like a run-of-the-mill campaign store until you get to the Feel the Bern corner. And that’s where you find a coffee mug that says “Caution! Contents May Cause a Serious Bern.”


5.  Ben Carson


Dr. Carson is a neurosurgeon through and through and wants to remind everyone of that. So that is probably why his shirts say that you can be a neurosurgeon and a president. Hold off for a year and a half to see if it is true.

4.  Marco Rubio


Marco’s Marco Polo is the word play we didn’t know we needed. And he did not stop there. You can own a water bottle with “Water great nation,” a phone case with “Let freedom ring,” and a coffee mug with “I support freedom of espresso.” Or you could buy Marco a plane ticket.

3.  Hillary Clinton


Hillary’s store strikes a strange balance between grandmotherly and contemporary, but it works. On one hand, you can buy a cross stitched pillow because we all love that one Nana has at her house. On the other hand, you can but a “Grillary Clinton” spatula and a “Chillary Clinton” koozie. I’m waiting for a “Krillary Clinton” fish feeder.

2.  Rand Paul


Hillary might have her cross-stitched pillows, but Senator Paul has $1,000 signed copies of the Constitution. And Star Wars-inspired “Return of the Rand” t-shirts. Rand Paul sees a joke and unabashedly runs with it. You can buy a stadium chair with “First Dad Rand” emblazoned on the back. But what really takes the cake is the Hillary Clinton hard drive with a free “wiping cloth.”

1.  Ted Cruz


Some people make t-shirts. Cruz does this.







All pictures are taken from the campaign websites and do not serve as an endorsement for any candidate.