Opinion: Pres. Clinton’s infidelity fair game for Trump

Opinion: Pres. Clinton’s infidelity fair game for Trump

By Brett Houser

After reports that former President Clinton will join his wife on the campaign trail, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump seized the opportunity to use the Clinton’s promiscuous past against the former first lady.

“Hillary, when you complain about a penchant for sexism, who are you referring to? Trump tweeted. “I have great respect for women.”

While Hillary Clinton has often called Trump a sexist, Trump said he thinks her husband’s scandalous sexual past diminishes her stance on sexism.

Trump is known to call women “pigs,” and he crudely blamed Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s performance at the first Republican debate on her menstrual cycle, causing some Americans to question Trump’s criticism of Clinton’s past dalliances how they relate to his wife’s campaign.

Bill Clinton’s past is completely fair game, especially since Hillary often uses Trump’s sexist comments to her advantage.

If Hillary plans to use her husband’s popularity as a wedge in Iowa, New Hampshire and beyond, she should consider how his past relations would weaken her condemnation of Trump.

Liberal Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus made an excellent point as to the relevancy of Trump’s arguments:

“In the larger scheme of things, Bill Clinton’s conduct towards women is far worse than any of the offensive things that Trump has said,” Marcus wrote in her column.

While Trump and Bill Clinton can easily be criticized for their treatment of women, a major difference exists that separates them and makes Trump’s comments appropriate: Bill Clinton engaged in sexual encounters with Monica Lewinsky, a young intern who worked on his White House staff.

Trump unashamedly blasts women based on their appearance, but no evidence exists that he’s used his position to gain sexual favors in the work place.

Regardless of whether it is fair to use the former president’s past against his wife, that is just the way American politics operate now.

Consider that The Washington Post recently published a cartoon depicting GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s young daughters as monkeys.

If two little girls could handle that, the Clintons should have no issues handling Trump’s comments.