A Bernie Sanders New Year

A Bernie Sanders New Year

By: Madeline Rathle

New Year’s Eve was our first full day in Iowa, and we were able to attend a Bernie Sanders rally and New Year’s Eve party. I decided this was a great opportunity to document my Iowan New Year for my friends and family back home.


Our day began at Northstar Elementary in Knoxville, Iowa, where a crowd of people were thrilled to hear Senator Sanders speak.



Sanders began the rally by speaking to the audience. Then, he transitioned to answering questions.


I noticed a great number of young people at the rally, which was encouraging at a time when Millennials are being so heavily scrutinized for lack of political participation.


Various media outlets made sure to capture Sanders interacting with his supporters.

That night, Sanders threw a New Year’s Eve party in Downtown Des Moines. Food, drink and music ensured everyone in attendance had a good time mingling and showing their willingness to support the Sanders campaign.



The hotel did a fantastic job making sure there was enough space for everyone, and the event seemed to go very smoothly.


Sanders made a brief speech before encouraging everyone to enjoy the New Year’s bash.


There were people of all ages in attendance, from the old to the extremely young. Many young people were very excited to be there with their families.


Of course the Sanders campaign volunteers were out in full force asking people to sign up to help or simply to caucus.There were more free handouts as well.


Although the event ended at 9 p.m. it was clear that everyone was in the New Year’s spirit.

Even though this was not my typical New Year’s experience, I enjoyed being able to learn more about Bernie Sanders and spending time with my fellow LSU students on the trip.