Bernie Sanders talks income equality and poverty in Knoxville, IA

By: Madeline Rathle

Senator Bernie Sanders, of the Democratic party, focused heavily on wealth and income inequality on Dec. 31 at his rally at Northstar Elementary in Knoxville, Iowa.

Since Sanders has been in Iowa he has spoken to around 34,000 people, and the crowd in Knoxville did not show a weakening in that number.

The crowd included the press, supporters and observers who were able to listen to the Senator speak about his campaign, his frustrations and his plans for the future.

Sanders’ skepticism of the elite in our nation brought many supporters to verbally show support, and his coverage of the income inequality the United States faces was very popular among the audience.

“It is not a radical idea to suggest if somebody works 40 hours per week that person should not be living in poverty,” said Sanders. “Fifty-eight percent of all new income goes to the top one percent. We are living in an economy which is rigged.” Continue reading “Bernie Sanders talks income equality and poverty in Knoxville, IA”